About Us

THE TRUTH ABOUT ISRAEL'S DEFENSIVE ACTIONS AGAINST THE FLOTILLA is a non-profit which has been established as a response to the media's attacks on Israel surrounding Israel's defensive actions against the flotillas headed for the Gaza strip on May 31st 2010. 

Our goal is to use both formal and informal media to communicate Israel's side of the story, which has been greatly under-communicated.

We do that through the use of social media such as our facebook page. We also do it through contacts with reporters from around the world, the issuing of press releases, and organizing expert interviews with the press.

Our full website is under developpement as we were created as a spontaneous response to a serious event. When it is completed, it will include a collection of all our material.

The Non Profit is ran by Dan Illouz who can be reached at dillouz@gmail.com